Thousands of users report Facebook, Instagram outages

Thousands of users report Facebook, Instagram outages

Facebook, which owns Instagram, also appears to be experiencing a similar outage.

WPIX-TV in NY is reporting that thousands of people have reported to they could not access Facebook.

Users of Facebook have been left in the dark with different error messages signifying that can't access the social media paradise. According to, Facebook is now working.

On Facebook, users were unable to post status updates while Instagram users experienced a similar issue.

The social media sites are back up and running (for most people - some are still living in 2004), so you'll probably read this from a Facebook referral.

According to Downdetector, users in the United States and parts of Europe appear to be worst affected by the outage. The website reports that 41 percent of people complain of a "total blackout", 36 percent say they can't sign in and another 22 percent are complaining of app connectivity issues.

Facebook was down for many users Wednesday - illustration file picture.

The site also reported 2,500 people struggling to use Instagram, of whom 25% could not log in and 51% struggle to see their news feed.

That said, users took to Twitter with the #FacebookDown to poke fun at the website's issues.