Razer to launch its gaming smartphone on November 1

Razer to launch its gaming smartphone on November 1

Razer has officially begun teasing something big, its "biggest unveiling", to be exact.

The event has been announced through the gaming accessory company's Twitter account. Other than the date, the teaser only contains the word "Watch".

Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer had only said it will mainly focus on gaming as well as on entertainment.

As far as features go, we will probably be expecting front firing speakers at the very least, along with longer than usual battery life and Razer's own gaming services pre-installed onto the device. However, he had refused to shed light on the phone's specifications and features. Also, it is appreciable how Razer has managed to prevent the smartphone from appearing in leaks.

We first heard about Razer making a smartphone back in July, but since then, the rumor mill has quieted down a bit. A smartphone-sized device dedicated to media and gaming is also a plausibility.

Razer bought Nextbit, a acclaimed Robin model, to get into smartphone business. The image shows a guy playing a game on a smartphone, which is evidence that the company might unveil such a device next month. Notably, Razer had earlier launched the Razer Edge tablet for gamers.