Kim Jong-un's half-brother killed by 'DEADLIEST nerve agent'

Kim Jong-un's half-brother killed by 'DEADLIEST nerve agent'

In the first recording she was shown approaching a bystander from behind to wipe something on the person's face "in a soft manner", according to police official Wan Azirul Nizam Che Wan Aziz.

"'Mr. Y' was responsible for applying the liquid on the [Huong's] palms and also responsible for giving [Siti] a taxi ticket", Azirul told the prosecution, adding that Chang had applied the liquid to Siti's hands.

The defence that the VX was created by combining two non-poisonous chemicals was rubbished by Subramaniam on Tuesday. The man, wearing a black cap and carrying a black backpack, was seen in the video walking into the airport with a woman who resembled Huong.

Components of VX were also found in Huong's fingernails, Raja said. Hanamori had given instructions to Mr. Y, while James had "recruited" Siti Aisyah, Wan Azirul said, without elaborating.

Separately, Indonesian suspect Siti Aisyah was seen meeting with another man at an airport cafe just before the attack was carried out in a crowded departure terminal of the Kuala Lumpur airport the morning of February 13. Interpol issued a red notice on the four in March.

The men's faces can't be seen clearly.

However, he did not say whether the four suspects were the North Koreans who the Malaysian police said left Kuala Lumpur for Pyongyang on the day of the killing.

Gooi Soon Seng, a defense counsel representing Siti Aisyah, said in April that the case had been "compromised" after the departure of the North Koreans and that Siti and Duon were "scapegoats and pawns to be used while the real culprits were (allowed) to go back".

Those four men - identified as North Koreans Ri Ji Hyon, Hong Song Hac, O Jong Gil, and Ri Jae Nam - are the subject of a red notice issued by Interpol, the closest instrument to an global arrest warrant.

Wan Azirul Nizam also told the court that Jong-Nam's original passport bearing the name Kim-Chol was handed over to the North Korean embassy and that he was present when a copy of the passport was made by the police.