Ophelia becomes record-setting 10th straight hurricane

Ophelia becomes record-setting 10th straight hurricane

The west of Scotland and Ireland will see the worst of the weather, with winds of between 60mph and 70mph forecast.

Mr Burkhill said cold sea temperatures mean Ophelia will not be strong enough to be categorised as a hurricane when it hits Britain. The storm is the 10th hurricane that has developed in the Atlantic this season.

It is now around 760 miles south-west of the Portuguese Azore islands, whipping up 75mph winds as it trundles eastwards. It is important to note we are still a week out and the models will likely vary in exact timing and position of Ophelia over the next few forecast runs.

Ophelia is on track to reach the United Kingdom nearly 30 years to the day of the Great Storm of 1987, which killed 22 people across Britain, France and the Channel Islands.

The storm tied a record for the most consecutive storms to reach hurricane force, meteorologist Philip Klotzbach of Colorado State University said.

A higher degree of winds are expected, as well as unseasonably warm weather.

The storm will no longer be hurricane strength by the time it hits BritainWhat is the latest United Kingdom weather forecast?

"Above-normal temperatures could continue into Monday before getting cooler from Tuesday".