Amazon Offers Students Prime for $5.49 a Month

Amazon Offers Students Prime for $5.49 a Month

The set up also aims to encourage teens to use their parents' Prime accounts, if they have them.

Parents can provide a set allowance for shopping on Amazon using the service.

"As a parent of a teen, I know how they crave independence, but at the same time that has to be balanced with the convenience and trust that parents need".

Parents can approve or reject their teen's purchases. The teen can also add a note to their parents. Amazon got feedback from families and implemented this change. This will give kids more freedom while still providing them with itemized notifications of orders.

It's hard to tell if this will jump-start a lot of teen spending through Amazon; after all, teens have been successfully hectoring their parents to buy them things since long before the internet.

The new Amazon accounts are for teens between the ages of 13 and 17.

While teens' orders through the new system are tied to a shared credit card for the family, it's likely that, in many cases, teens will be paying for those purchases themselves by giving mom or dad cash back at home.

When a teen wants to order, they can go onto the Amazon App and the parents will receive a text or email showing them the item, cost and payment information.

If you're a teen who wants to use this new service, Amazon's sign-up process requires you to send a link to your parent before you can actually do anything. It's a rite of passage for many teens and tweens.

Prime boasts many benefits, such as instant access to thousands of movies and TV series and the ability to stream music, not to mention special discounts and offers on a wide variety of products.