Apple is working on folding iPhone 'which could transform into an iPad'

Apple is working on folding iPhone 'which could transform into an iPad'

According to The Bell (via The Investor), LG has created a "task force" to help Apple develop the flexible OLED display.

Patently Apple posted a report back in December 2016 titled "Korean Report Wildly Speculates that LG is Working with Apple, Google & Microsoft to Deliver Foldable Devices by 2018".

However, since LG Display's production capabilities are pale in comparing to Samsung's it might take a while for Apple to officially release the foldable iPhone. So that means Samsung is charging as high as it wants to produce those screens, and Apple has no choice but to pay up. The latter has been busy making a bendable smartphone of its own for the past few years, recently confirming that it was looking to launch the device next year. The report claims Apple isn't planning to put a bending handset into production until 2020.

Apple is reportedly working with LG Display, a display solutions arm of LG, on a foldable iPhone. However, we also heard this year that Samsung's foldable Galaxy X would launch before the Galaxy Note 8, and obviously that didn't happen, which calls into question the expectation for a foldable phone next year.

That is if a new report from South Korea turns out to be accurate.

This report follows the rumours from July that suggested Apple's plan to apparently invest as much as $2.6 billion in support of LG's new OLED plant (a deal that hasn't been finalized as of yet). The company is now supplying its first batch of its foldable panels to few Chinese handset makers as well as to its parent company.

According to Mr Kuo, the reasoning behind Apple to add the TrueDepth camera system to the iPad Pro lineup would be to offer the users an experience that would be consistent with the iPhone X.

Beyond the rumored production date, no other hints about Apple's foldable smartphone have surfaced. On the other hand, Samsung is already ahead in the foldable phone race.