Owners of 'Breaking Bad' house build fence to prevent trespassers

Owners of 'Breaking Bad' house build fence to prevent trespassers

Quintana told KOB 4 the situation has been ridiculous, with them feeling they can't even leave the home unattended because if they do, something happens.

The owners of the single-story home are fed up with the constant tourist traffic and impositions, and are constructing a giant, six-foot-tall wrought iron fence to guard against the attention, local KOB4 News reports.

And even more annoying than the sometimes hundreds of weekly visitors, the real-life owners of Breaking Bad house said, is how many times a tourists has thought it would be amusing to toss a pizza on the roof and echo the infamous Walter White scene. Even now, four years after the Breaking Bad series finale, fans regularly toss pizzas onto the house's roof, steal landscaping rocks from the yard as souvenirs, and even ask the residents to close their garage or move out of the way so they can take photos. "They park in front of our driveway and block us in", a neighbor said.

The fence is set to be completed soon, but some trespassers have already attempted to sneak past the construction to get onto the property. "We're the ones who [are] being locked up".

"There is nothing original, or amusing, or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady's roof", Gilligan said.

In its five-season run that ended in 2013, Breaking Bad grew from obscure oddity to one of the most celebrated, acclaimed television series of the Peak TV era.

He said he often acts like a security guard for the property - often shooting people off of the land.