Golden Knights make Las Vegas proud with strong, historic 3-0 start

Golden Knights make Las Vegas proud with strong, historic 3-0 start

The first day of hockey in Las Vegas wasn't really about hockey at all.

You couldn't ask for a better way to launch a franchise.

The Golden Knights went on to score three more times in the period to take a commanding 4-1 lead after the first 20 minutes of regular season National Hockey League action in Las Vegas.

The players fed off the energy and put on a performance years in the making. We've got a very good team coming in.

After the video ended, nurses, doctors, firefighters and police officers were then introduced alongside Golden Knights players.

Numerous capacity 18,000 in attendance joined in singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" before Engelland - a longtime Las Vegas resident - spoke to the crowd. To the families and friends of the victims, know that we'll do everything we can to help you and our city heal.

Embracing the theme Vegas Strong, the team opened their Tuesday night game against the Arizona Coyotes with a tribute video that showcased the love, generosity and resilience of the city.

Just 2.5 minutes into the game, the Arizona Coyotes got caught flat-footed when they thought they had a turnover. Engelland had the crowd standing well before the game started. The night provided New Yorkers a brief pause from the pains of their tragedy. Last night in Las Vegas-- one of those moments. He hopes to follow the Golden Knights in addition to his Maple Leafs.

The players still walked a gold carpet into the arena before the game, cheered on by early arriving fans lining the walkway.

That says something about the quality of people in the organization.

If the Knights didn't feel a strong connection to Las Vegas before October 1-and who could blame them if they didn't? The truth is they had no tie to the community until Oct 1. But what was supposed to be a celebration of a first for a team, quickly taking second chair to the needs of a city. "I couldn't be more happy than to get one tonight". It was the least we could do for those people that went through that. "I think we all need hockey right now". The Knights are off to a 2-0 start, and only two other expansion teams - the 1967 Los Angeles Kings and 1967 Oakland Seals - started 2-0. Somehow they are 3-0, including two come-from-behind wins.