Stranger Things 2 Final Trailer: Friday The 13th

Stranger Things 2 Final Trailer: Friday The 13th

Of course we're all going to watch the new Stranger Things trailer, because it's awesome and we're all powerless to resist the veritable gravitational pull of the Upside Down. AV Club suggested that this was the writers' way of trying to outsmart the guessing fans who might have thought that they have the plot figured out. Actually, I'm planning my whole week around it, because I'll be watching the first season's eight episodes again (for like the 100th time) that week so I can jump right into the new episodes when they arrive at 3:00 a.m. EST on Friday the 27th.

Digital Spy, on the other hand, posited that this new monster, regardless of its name, is going to be a lot more horrific and terrifying than the Demogorgon.

Will (Noah Schnapp) is having visions of a "shadow" looming over their hometown and Chief Hopper (David Harbour) knows full well this isn't some nightmare.

[Y] ou don't really see how it's all tied together until later. Each episode is building on the last one.

Details about the second season have been scarce, but multiple members of the cast and the show's creators, Matt and Russ Duffer, have said it will be scarier than the first.

The season 2 soundtrack hits digital shelves October 20 and if you want to take a stab at your own synth experiment, head over to Synthier Things, a website that allows the viewer to manipulate the Stranger Things main theme via a web-browser modulator.