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23 teams have secured their place in the 2018 World Cup which will be held in Russian Federation, among them two nations who will make their debuts: Panama and Iceland.

Given that only 23 countries have qualified for next year's finals so far, the figure would appear to show many fans have lost interest in the team following their underwhelming recent displays.

Germany, England, Spain, Poland, Iceland, Serbia, Portugal and France took the remaining automatic places on offer to European nations after each topping their respective group.

There are three spots left for the African sides, following Egypt and Nigeria clinching theirs.

At present, 23 national teams have secured participation in the World Cup's final round: teams from Russian Federation (as the host country), England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Egypt, Iran, Iceland, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Uruguay, France, South Korea and Japan. In Group D, Senegal have the lead over Burkina Faso, and need a draw in their final match (hosting South Africa) to advance to the World Cup. Northern Ireland haven't been in the World Cup since 1986.

Below is how the pots are looking for the draw, which takes place on Friday. Turkey will participate in A play-off tour of group I, which is located in national team of Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Norrn Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Italy and Greece in play-off round. They will now definitely get two strong teams in their group when they could have escaped this when in a pot with all other European teams.

New Zealand won the Oceania section, but with only half a place on offer to the region will now have to face fifth place South American finisher Peru for the right to play on the world stage. The highest-ranked teams will be placed in Pot 1, the next-highest in Pot 2...

A number of expectant countries saw their World Cup dreams come to an end this week as their final qualifying results ensured they fell short of even a playoff opportunity.