Dragon Age Creative Director Leaves BioWare

Dragon Age Creative Director Leaves BioWare

Mike Laidlaw, creative director of the Dragon Age series, announced that he has chose to leave BioWare after an astonishing 14 year run at the studio. Jade Empire's fan acclaim and Dragon Age: Inquisition's high Metacritic (89 on PS4) score? It looks like the party is over and they're taking away the balloons at BioWare tonight.

Laidlaw has been at Bioware for more than 14 years, and has played a role in a number of the studio's most-loved properties, including Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age.

Laidlaw also states that he plans on "reconnecting with all the awesome games and worlds that my peers have created" in the near future.

To everyone who's taken the time to share feedback and experiences, your awesome cosplays and artistic creations: thank you. Your passion inspires and I look forward to our next adventures together. Though BioWare has some of the greatest talent in the entire video game industry, losing one always hurts.

This is an incredibly disappointing loss for BioWare, with the vast majority of their creative talent that made the company so popular back in the day no longer working on some of our favorite RPG franchises. He also worked on the Mass Effect series, but his legacy at the studio is firmly tied to the Dragon Age franchise, for which he was originally the lead designer before becoming the senior creative director.

Hopefully we'll see a new Dragon Age game in the future.