Aldean Strikes Defiant Tone In Return

Aldean Strikes Defiant Tone In Return

His impressive video intro rolled, and Aldean burst onstage to start the show with his current single that's both the name of the tour and the title of his latest record.

Country star Jason Aldean took a defiant tone as he resumed his tour nearly two weeks after a gunman opened fire during his show in Las Vegas, killing 58 people.

Aldean took a break from his tour after a gunman fired onto a crowd of people attending the Route 91 Harvest country music festival.

Ryan Guay and Lynzee Freund, who helped save a little girl's life, were gifted tickets to Aldean's October 12 show courtesy of Tulsa-based radio station K95.5. "To those people who keep trying to do that, I say f*** you, we don't really care". "You guys are going to help us get through this as much as we are going to help you guys. Visiting some of the strongest people we have ever met... fighting the toughest battle of them all... for their lives", she wrote along with a photo of the couple facing the Mandalay Bay.

Jason said the 58 people killed are always on his mind but he also thinks about fans who weren't shot but were traumatized by the experience. "But it has been really cool to see all the love and support that has been going on over the last 10 days or so because of what happened in Las Vegas, and I just feel like if we can do that on a daily basis, man, the world would be a lot better place". "I don't really count that a****** that was doing the shooting for 59, I count the 58", he added, as the crowd roared approval.

"These people are going to try and continue to do things to us to try and hold us down and be scared", he said defiantly.

"I want this to not be something that's gonna be a downer for the rest of the night..." he concluded.

Three songs into his Thursday performance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Aldean said he wanted fans to enjoy the show concertgoers at the Route 91 festival didn't get to see because of the shooting. He confessed it had been a struggle to physically stage the show, since most of his equipment is still part of a crime scene.