Qualcomm asks China to halt manufacture, sale of iPhones

Qualcomm asks China to halt manufacture, sale of iPhones

The move is the latest in a long legal battle between the supplier and Apple.

Qualcomm has launched a new lawsuit against Apple, asking a Chinese court to block the sale and manufacturing of iPhones within the country, according to Bloomberg. Apple has accused Qualcomm of failing to pay it $1 billion in rebates that it says it is owed. Those patents are said to cover power management and the iPhone's Force Touch feature. Qualcomm filed the suit claiming that Apple infringed on patents from the chip-maker, and according to Qualcomm spokeswoman, Christine Trimble, "Apple employs technologies invented by Qualcomm without paying for them".

Apple, of course, says the claims by Qualcomm have no merit.

Although Apple doesn't use Snapdragon processors in its iPhones, it's still on the hook for numerous patents Qualcomm owns.

Although China isn't Apple's most profitable country for iPhone sales, it is where the majority of the devices are manufactured.

If Qualcomm were to succeed, Apple's ability to quickly assemble iPhones would be gutted, while sales of iPhone devices would take a heavy hit. Rather, this mostly seems to be an attempt to get back at Apple for many lawsuit it's filed against Qualcomm around the globe.

Between the $2 billion in licensing fees Apple is refusing to pay and the $773 million fine from Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission, Qualcomm is now looking at an empty dinner plate. The deal now in place still requires that Apple pay a fee regardless of whether the phone includes a Qualcomm chip, though. All we know right now is that this legal fight won't end anytime soon.