BJP Chief Amit Shah leads 'Janaraksha Yatra'

BJP Chief Amit Shah leads 'Janaraksha Yatra'

Asserting that the BJP's march, "attended by 12 Union ministers, four chief ministers, one deputy chief minister, several MPs and national leaders, and workers imported from other states", failed to influence Kerala, the CPM state secretary said "the lion who started from Payyannur became a rat in Thiruvananthapuram".

Pinarayi also mentions about BJP's drubbing in Vengara election and thanks people, police and the CPM activists for maintaining peace and not getting provoked by BJP's Janaraskha yatra. On his Facebook page, he asks Amit Shah to clarify whether BJP-ruled states had achieved progress on par with that made by Kerala.

Pinarayi congratulated the people for rejecting the provocative, divisive and hate agenda of the BJP.

Earlier, winding up BJP's "jana raksha yatra" on Tuesday, party president Amit Shah warned that the CPM would be "wiped out" if the political violence in the state does not stop.

Left leaders have called the 15-day yatra an event created to position the BJP, despite having just one member in the state assembly, as a major player in the state where political centrestage is occupied by the Left and Congress-led alliances.

"They still have time for course correction". "Amit Shah must now realise how the people of Kerala perceive such crooked politics", he said. If the CPM thinks it can suppress our voice by violence, then they are wrong.

"Kerala has nothing to learn from BJP or the RSS that guides it", the Chief Minister said, his stinging jab at the BJP and its president Amit Shah's for their incessant attacks on him during its relay walk. "Are you ready to take moral responsibility or not?" he asked the Kerala CM.