Trump tweets he'll authorize release of JFK assassination files

Trump tweets he'll authorize release of JFK assassination files

President Donald Trump said Saturday that he intends to release thousands of "long blocked and classified" documents the National Archives and Records Administration have held related to President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Historians who have studied the assassination do not believe the documents will lead to any bombshell new conclusions in the Kennedy assassination, but the documents could shed more light on facets of the investigation and Oswald's mysterious trip to Mexico City weeks before the assassination.

The November 22, 1963 assassination - an epochal event in modern United States history - has spawned multiple theories challenging the official version that Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald was convicted of his murder, with the Warren Commission appointed by Kennedy's successor, Lyndon Johnson, finding he acted alone.

Among the protected information up for release is details about the arrangements the USA entered into with the Mexican government that allowed it to have close surveillance of those and other embassies, said Tunheim, a federal judge in Minnesota.

Trump can withhold the release of certain documents if he believes their release could pose harm to U.S. intelligence, law enforcement, the military or U.S. foreign relations.

The collection includes more than 5 million pages of records, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings and other artifacts - most of which are open for research, according to the National Archives.

The 1963 assassination of JFK has always been muddied by conspiracy theories.