Venus and Jupiter will appear together in the sky

The two planets are actually over 400 million miles apart but will rise within 0.3 degrees of each other at their closest.

For context, this is approximately half the diameter of the moon.

According to AccuWeather, optimal viewing opportunities in the United Sates will be across the Mississippi Valley and over the Central Rockies, where meteorologists are expecting clear skies.

To spot the close pairing of Venus and Jupiter, no matter where you live in the world, sky-gazers should look in the direction of sunrise very low on the east-southeast horizon, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Met Éireann have said that there will be "a cold, bright start to Monday with frost and fog clearing".

The apparent distance between these two planets on Sunday morning will be more than halved and they will be separated by less than one degree, and on Monday morning, they will appear closest together and rising in tandem, side by side - Venus on the left and a dimmer Jupiter on the right.

The press service of Roskosmos said that on the morning of 13 November, the Russians will be able to observe the convergence of Venus and Jupiter.

The planets will be slightly further apart and will appear in the constellation Virgo.

"The orbit of Venus is tipped just 3.4° with respect to Earth's, Jupiter even less at 1.3°". It will be best viewed with naked eye.

The two planets Venus and Jupitar will get together in a brief passing moment in the November sky and early risers can get a clear view of the eastern horizon.

The conjunction will be best visible from the country side, away from the light and pollution from the city.