Jury Awards $7.5M to Man For Walmart Watermelon Injury

Jury Awards $7.5M to Man For Walmart Watermelon Injury

"We plan to appeal".

Walker reached to pick a melon from a display, and his foot became lodged in the pallet under the watermelon container.

Henry Walker's foot got stuck after he stepped on a wooden pallet to get one of the fruits in July 2015.

An Alabama man who said he broke his hip shopping for watermelon at a Walmart in 2015 made a decision to sue the retailer. He turned, unaware that the pallet was there, and fell and shattered his hip, court documents state.

The jury found in favor of Walker on both "negligence" and "wantonness", because Walmart had a duty to "exercise reasonable care, to maintain and keep its premises in a reasonable safe condition, and to warn the public of unsafe and hazardous conditions", according to the complaint.

A spokesman for Walmart said the damages are excessive, and they intend to appeal.

Walmart was represented by Vaughn Russell of Birmingham and Scott Sasser of Lee County.

A 59-year-old Army veteran sued Walmart after breaking his hip after getting his foot caught in one of the store's displays. Walmart maintains that the pallet was not unsafe, and, according to court filings, has not changed its display. The case was presented Tuesday and Wednesday with the jury deliberating for about two hours before returning the verdict.

"I think this jury appreciated what Mr".

Walker's attorney, Shaun O'Hara, said the injury permanently changed his client's life: He used to play basketball three days a week and now must use a walker to get around.

Walmart continues to uses the same displays for watermelon despite the incident.

"He is no longer able to do everyday activities that many of us take for granted".