HHH Challenges Jinder Mahal For India, Mahal Responds

HHH Challenges Jinder Mahal For India, Mahal Responds

The WWE is touring India this December and a big main event has already been teased.

The "Modern Day Maharaja" Jinder Mahal has accepted Triple H's challenge for a dream fight during WWE tour of India on December 8 and 9 in New Delhi.

Here is the challenge tweet from Triple H in which he called it the "Biggest Match in India's History". Jinder Mahal accepted the challenge on his own Twitter account.

Later, Mahal responded to Triple H, saying it was his biggest match in his career, going on to accept the challenge.

"I'm honoured that you considered me as an opponent in India, in New Delhi".

WWE is holding two shows in India on December 8 and 9 in its first trip to the country since January 2016. This is the reason why Mahal has received a huge push this year. AJ Styles won the championship last week and could stay champion for much longer than we thought.

As for who wins this match in India, I think Mahal will go over and I doubt Triple H has a problem putting him over. But I must warn you Triple H.you may be the King of Kings but I'm The Modern Day Maharaja and I'm simply unstoppable when I have my people with me.

During the fall, Triple H has been active in live events, wrestling in countries like Chile, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

It remains to be seen if WWE will be broadcasting the Indian tour on the WWE Network.

Whether or not WWE is planning a full-fledged invasion of the blue brand to match what happened to the flagship show is still up in the air at this time. It's a nice treat for the fans in India to see a legend like Triple H in action.