Hulu Takes Aim at a Hitman Series

The first Hitman video game launched in 2000 with Hitman: Codename 47, and there have been eight more installments since then, selling more than 25 million copies combined.

Hopefully the new show will be better than the two previous films.

Additionally, Kolstad will executive produce alongside Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon, with the series being overseen by Fox 21's Bert Salke, Jane Francis, Gloria Fan, and Kira Innes and Hulu's Jordan Helman. Fox 21 and Hulu have teamed up for a new adaptation with the pilot being written by John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad. Film adaptations of Agent 47's adventures have often failed to figure this out, instead opting to give audiences loud gunfights and hand-to-hand melees. John Wick after all, is a barebones revenge flick that has become known as one of the most stylish and stunning action movies of the last decade. Not only is Io Interactive's working on two separate Hitman projects, there's even a TV series in the works.

According to a report by Deadline Hollywood, the Hitman franchise is now heading to Hulu.

I'm a little disappointed there won't be a proper follow up to Hitman: Agent 47, but seeing as how I'm one of the few who enjoyed it steering into complete video game nonsense, I totally understand.

We'll continue to keep you posted as this story develops.