You can now broadcast messages from your phone to Google Home

You can now broadcast messages from your phone to Google Home

A new blog post entitled "Communicate around the house with the Google Assistant" has been published by Google Home Product Manager, Alex Duong, and Google Assistant Software Engineer, Nam Do.

To use the new feature, all you have to do is say "Okay Google, broadcast", using the Google Assistant app or a Google Home speaker.

One of the cooler features announced at this year's October 4th event was a broadcast feature that turned Google Home into an intercom-like system. Consumers can alert the whole house when dinner is ready or when movie night is about to start.

We're told that, "for certain everyday things like waking up, dinnertime or settling down for bed, the Assistant can also send a playful message on your behalf". All these Google Home devices have to be on the same Wi-Fi network, and at least one member of your household has to sign into their Goole account on each of the Google Home devices. Google gives the example of saying "Ok Google, broadcast it's dinner time" and a dinner bell will sound on Google Home speakers, so you won't have to "wear out your voice shouting up the stairs".

To send a message, simply say "OK Google, broadcast", followed by whatever you want to say, to a Google Assistant-enabled device, such as Google Home, Google Home Mini, or Google Home Max.

The message that you broadcast will play on all Google Home devices that are signed into the same Google Account.

As it stands, broadcasting is available to Assistant on phones and speakers with English language settings in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.