Google Doodle celebrates 131st anniversary of hole puncher Gerben Steenks

Google Doodle celebrates 131st anniversary of hole puncher Gerben Steenks

The animation shows a sheet of paper doing a little jig after being punched.

A simple lever-spring system allowed users to punch holes in a stack of paper, which could then be filed neatly in a ring binder - another of Soennecken's inventions. Today (November 14) is the 131st Anniversary of the Hole Puncher, the humble stationery product that is a part of most homes and offices.

Google's tribute to the hole puncher.

German scientist Friedrich Soennecken filed a patent for the punching machine on November 14, 1886.

The basic design of the hole puncher has not changed much since Soennecken invented it. Soennecken called the device "Papierlocher fur Sammelmappen", which means paper hole maker. He also founded his own company F Soennecken Verlag in 1875.

In addition to the hole puncher, he is also accredited to the "round writing" style of calligraphy, and the famous fountain pen nib that made the technique both possible and accessible. It is also used to make holes in leather and thin plastic sheets.

In the USA, the first patent for a hole puncher was given to Benjamin Smith from MA.

Meanwhile, single-hole punchers have been used by train conductors for decades as an easy way to validate tickets. The longer the lever, the more sheets of paper can be punched through requiring minimal force.

The hole puncher employs a lever and spring system to allow the user to line up and punch holes with cylindrical blades through stacked sheets of paper easily. A year later the first decorative paper puncher was launched, bringing a new trend in the market. But the predictions and all flew up in air and Google doodle made even an interesting and surprising update on Today morning.Well, that sounds like 131st Hole Punch celebration in the Eye of Google Doodle rather making a Doodle gif of Children's day.