Colleges launch website for faculty vote

Colleges launch website for faculty vote

Local co-organizer Andrea Pond says, "The ass to class movement is a neutral movement which has reached pretty much every college in Ontario".

Some 500,000 college students in Ontario have been out of class since October 16 because of the strike.

But with the province-wide college strike now stretching into its second month, Loyalist students are becoming increasingly frustrated.

If the offer is accepted, the College Employer Council says 500,000 students affected by the strike, now in its fifth week, could be back in the classroom as early as next week. We will Vote NO because it will make the colleges stronger, better for students, and better for the next generation.

Should faculty reject the offer, Skinkle says she's not sure she could even afford to come back to class - whenever that would be.

Thomas went on to say, "It's important to remember that the fund the minister has announced is being paid for by faculty, not by the colleges".

"Anything that will help students get through this hard time is more than welcome, and we thank the minister for moving ahead with it", says Hornick in a statement.

"It's about time. Now that they're going to put it in a vote, it gives you hope that it might actually end", he said.

Talks between the College Employer Council and the union broke down last week, with the council asking the Ontario Labour Relations Board to schedule a vote on its offer. "That is why I am requiring that colleges establish a dedicated fund with all the savings from the strike".

Highlights include a 7.75 per cent salary hike over four years to a maximum of $115,378, improved benefits, improvements for contract teachers, and support for a "government-led task force on the future of Ontario colleges, including staffing models and precarious work".

The faculty vote is scheduled to begin Tuesday and end Thursday.

"Nothing has been removed, nothing has been added that will negatively impact faculty - these are positive gains", she said.