Moscow getting contradictory signals from US on Putin-Trump meeting

Moscow getting contradictory signals from US on Putin-Trump meeting

But, back to the bromance between Trump and Putin, there are disturbing parallels between what's going on between these two autocratic leaders and another odd pairing that is believed to have intensified and protracted a world war - the rapprochement between German Chancellor Adolph Hitler and Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin.

In Tokyo, no sooner did Trump's plane leave the tarmac than the finance minister declared that "We won't do an FTA". "Every time he sees me, he says, 'I didn't do that....' Putin said he did not do what they said he did". Putin tapped Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to represent Russian Federation in the historic meetings.

"What do you mean you believe him?".

Trump also suggested he believes Putin over the USA intelligence community, which has concluded that Russian Federation did in fact intervene in the election with by coordinating a campaign of cyberattacks and fake news postings on social media.

Brennan also said that Trump attacked them to try to "delegitimise" the findings of the intelligence agencies. After all, who doesn't believe their won intelligence officials.

Calling Trump "gullible", he pegged the president as "probably the easiest mark Putin has ever had".

Asked about this disturbing trend on November 2, Trump's national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, said: "How much does it help to yell about these problems?" Of course, Putin has no interest in "get [ting] out of Syria" or "work [ing] with" the US on Ukraine, because he regards both these geographies to be within Russia's rightful sphere of influence. A 37-year-old Hanoian architect said he was happy that Trump won the presidency because "he says he doesn't like China".

Trump, Source C continues, even offered to defend Bill Clinton during impeachment proceedings: "He said he did not inhale. I've worked with them very strongly". "They (Russia) have been at this a hell of a long time". Both men said the president is dangerously downplaying Russia's threat to United States democracy and suggested that Putin is playing Trump.

Meanwhile, over on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Trevor Noah couldn't comprehend why Trump defended Putin and believed in his innocence, only based on what Putin told him.

The White House national security staff consists of people whose grasp on American diplomacy is far firmer than the president's, and one hopes they're directing American policy to a greater extent than the president's words would imply. But there's another explanation: Maybe the president of the United States is just incredibly credulous.

As a presidential candidate and ultimately a leader, Trump's criticism of China won support from Vietnamese people.

If the president means what he says, he thinks he must credit the words of America's enemy when that enemy denies undermining American interests so that he can "work with" that enemy in accomplishing America's interests.

Contrast Trump's behavior not just with May's, but also that of Ronald Reagan, who was viscerally opposed to Communism and entered office determined to bring down the Soviet empire. If they don't, his successor may have occasion to remark that Russian Federation has never had a better friend than Trump.