Star Wars: The Last Jedi IMAX Poster is Covered in Red

Star Wars: The Last Jedi IMAX Poster is Covered in Red

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is said to spend a lot of its time keeping its three leads - Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron - away from one another in order to give each character a strong character arc, before inevitably bringing them all together in the very end for a spectacular climactic battle.

There will also be some opening night festivities at select IMAX theaters, including a special concession offer and the release of collectible Star Wars trading cards. [The Last Jedi is] not this big adventure that I'm on with John [Boyega].

Disney and IMAX have released a new IMAX poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Daisy Ridley's rocking the red on an exclusive new "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" IMAX poster. A cursory search for Porgs will lead you on a fantastic journey of a special brand of negativity that only a Star Wars fan can conjure and it appears that Mark Hamill has had enough of your Porg hate and has chose to step up his already strong online troll status. This poster by artist Dan Mumford is part of a promotion at IMAX/AMC locations where fans will get an exclusive print over the early course of the film's theatrical run, starting on December 17.

Previously announced events that will take place at "Galactic Nights" are a fireworks and stage show, photo ops throughout a Hollywood Studios transformed into various locales from the films, Star Wars projections on the Hollywood Tower Hotel, opportunities to meet "Star Wars" characters and specialty food and beverages.

"I didn't think I was good in the first film, and I was struggling with that", she told Elle UK. And we probably won't find out until it opens!