Vidya Balan shuts up journo who asks if she'll lose weight

Vidya Balan shuts up journo who asks if she'll lose weight

As if there wasn't enough online about the manifestation of patriarchy in the entertainment industry (ahem, Weinstein, ahem), here's another piece of news we wish we could say is shocking. The actress was on a promotional spree for her upcoming film Tumhari Sulu and was, answering media questions. "There's no connection between women-centric roles and weight loss. Or have you thought about losing weight?" The reporter further prodded and asked, "For a glamorous role?"

Vidya Balan: "No, I'm very happy with the kinds of roles I am doing". In spite of the fact that Bollywood works on objectifying women, the actress has carried herself gracefully and has managed to do films that can bring a change a society on in people's perception.

There are several things wrong with the above exchange.

Appreciating Vidya Balan's performance, actor Shweta Hegde posted Vidya's versatility makes her a delightful performer. But it's been 5 years since Vidya enjoyed the same stardom.

The journalist said that we have been seeing Vidya in a lot of women-centric films. Somebody show this reporter the video of Vidya, Malishka and Neha Dhupia dancing unabashedly, and rather glamorously, to Hawa Hawai. Without going under a knife, Vidya has worked on her own terms.

But the talented actress has been fat-shamed for staying the way she wants to.

Sadly, Youtube commenters seem to have a whole other point of view.

They watched it at a special screening and praised Vidya's simple yet powerful character.