Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips for 2017

Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips for 2017

The holiday season kicks off with a celebration that is supposed to remind us of all the wonderful things that have crossed our paths throughout the year.

. We expect the Target Cyber Monday ad to leak right after Black Friday, so as not to distract shoppers from sales happening on Black Friday.

Every year, hundreds of blog posts proclaim how Black Friday is killing the family time and warm fuzzies produced by Thanksgiving. For more details on specific retailers participating in the special offer, visit Back in the day when online shopping wasn't all that popular, Friday was reserved for shopping in person in the store while Monday brought you all the online deals.

Since the two shopping days are so close together and since nearly every high-street retailer has an online store, the two shopping days turn into one long weekend shopping bonanza.

Best Buy has offered more than a dozen Black Friday jobs earlier this year, but this year also contributed to the quick access to hundreds of black Friday promotions from iPad Mini to 4K TV and Beats Studio 2 Wireless Headphones.

Online shopping experts at Black Friday Dealer have released a list of the best Sonos wireless speaker Black Friday deals for 2017.

With the growth of e-commerce expenditure not showing any signs of slowing down, retailers are adapting by making the vast majority of their Black Friday deals available on the web.

Originally an American tradition, dropping on the day after Thanksgiving each year when our stateside cousins were given an extra day off work.

If you are going to fearless the crowds on Black Friday, you'll have plenty of company. We thought so, which is why this deal on Lego's Millennium Falcon set is nearly too good to pass up. Fortunately, today you don't need to get out of the house on any of those days, and you can shop on the internet whenever you want. That means that before you buy anything, you should cross check it against other retailers to make sure you've truly found the lowest price.

Unfortunately for thrill-seeking shoppers, not only is Black Friday losing its zest statistic-wise, it is also losing popularity because of how insane it has become. Bottom line: Don't spend too much time or effort trying to snag a store's doorbuster deal, because, unless you're first in line or up at 5am, you're not going to get that deal. They will allude to your order being "stuck in transit", and urge you to click on a link and/or input information, such as a credit card or Social Insurance number. Check forums where people discuss retailers and customer experiences to ensure you don't get caught out.

Some savings will be for lesser-known retailers who may not be Google approved, so always check that you're purchasing from a safe site.

This year deals begin online on Monday November 20th and run for an entire week through to Cyber Monday on November 27th.

Make sure you understand return/refund policies.