Duchess of Cambridge's uncle floored his wife during drunken row

Duchess of Cambridge's uncle floored his wife during drunken row

Julie-Ann Goldsmith "appeared unconscious" and had her eyes closed for about 15 seconds after being knocked out, the court hears.

He's been described as the black sheep of the Middleton family, and the Duchess of Cambridge's uncle Gary Goldsmith has become embroiled in scandal again after facing court over a shocking domestic violence incident with his wife.

Gary Goldsmith, 52, admitted attacking Julie-Ann Goldsmith outside their home in Wimpole Street, central London, on 13 October at 1.20am.

Goldsmith pleaded guilty to one count of assault by beating, with prosecutor Kate Shilton describing to the court how Mrs Goldsmith fell down after her husband threw what was described by their taxi driver Daniel Shepherd as a "left hook". They are both out, and [the driver] has described having seen Mrs. Goldsmith slapping her husband in the face.

According to The Mirror, she said: "The argument took place in the back of a taxi".

"He then describes how Mr Goldsmith punches her hard in the face using a left hook". He was then told to have seen Mr. Goldsmith, the hit violently in the face by pressing a left hook. "Mrs Goldsmith has then fallen backwards".

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Mrs Goldsmith was taken to hospital in an ambulance after she was hit, but was later discharged, the court heard.

Ms Shilton said Goldsmith appeared to be "panicked" and when the taxi driver challenged him over his actions, he became aggressive.

After having lost consciousness for long seconds, she was back at it and had then asked the taxi driver to call the police.

Goldsmith told officers he pushed his wife hard with his left hand and denied using a "left hook".

Once inside, Kate delighted in watching the young children paint, draw and make fruit salads and was heard saying kids activities are the "best fun". On the 21st of November, Gary will receive his sentence after he was released on bail.

"But I am really looking at how to protect this lady from this man", she said.