Motorola's latest Moto Mod is a Polaroid printer for your phone

These attachments, dubbed Moto Mods, expand the functionality of a phone.

Motorola has a new Moto Mod: the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer. Okay, they may not technically be "modular" ...

Motorola's website and Verizon stores will start selling Polaroid's Moto Mod this Friday, November 17th, where it retails for $200. For those of you too young to remember, you'd snap a picture, it would spit out a photo, and you'd wave it until the image showed up. "The moto mod users Polaroid Premium ZINK Zero-Ink Paper, so the photos will be printed in a 2x3" smudge-proof format.

"Turn your Moto Z into a super-portable Polaroid camera, complete with a physical photo capture button". You can even customize the photos with filters, borders, and text before printing them. Simply take the picture and then print it right from whatever Motorola smartphone you're using. That said, theres nothing stopping you from sharing the same photo on newfangled social media – you can post it on Facebook or Instagram, for example. Or, you could just buy the standalone Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer for half the cost.

The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer Mod has a 500mAh battery that should last for up to 20 prints.