Chargers pick off Peterman 5 times in 54-24 win over Bills

Chargers pick off Peterman 5 times in 54-24 win over Bills

That means rookie quarterback Nathan Peterson will be under center Sunday afternoon for the Bills.

Five interceptions are the most thrown by any National Football League quarterback in the first half since 2001. Peterman threw a pick-six on the Bills' first possession and followed that up with another interception on his second possession.

The Chargers answered with a field goal before Peterman threw his third interception of teh opening quarter.

Null's five interceptions came on 44 attempts; Peterman needed only 16 attempts to tie the record.

That led to a Keenan Allen touchdown and the Bills trailed 17-7 early in the 2nd quarter. On the bright side, in his 14 passes in the first half, Peterman only had three incompletions. In a knee-jerk move that had no base in the first place, coach Sean McDermott made Peterman the Week 11 starter after the blowout Week 10 loss to the Saints that saw McDermott's defense get its teeth kicked in, and McDermott put all the blame on Taylor. The team will have to curtail some of its run-pass-option plays, with Peterman not the same caliber of athlete that Taylor is, though it won't abandon those looks entirely.

But with the four other picks he went on to throw, the onus was more or less on Peterman, either throwing unsafe passes he shouldn't have thrown or eyeing his receivers downfield so intensely he was all but telling defenders when and where to jump.

LeSean McCoy finished with 114 yards rushing and two total touchdowns.

The 135 points are the most points allowed over three games in franchise history.