Woman says She Was Harassed by New York State Employee

Woman says She Was Harassed by New York State Employee

An upstate NY woman struggling to find a place to live and a job after ending an abusive relationship said a state employee helped her, only to use it as an excuse to sexually harass and assault her, and the governor's office knew and did nothing to stop it, according to a lawsuit.

The governor, through chief counsel Alphonso David, denied ignoring Cater's complaints in a statement Sunday, according to Newsday. Cater, but "these new allegations are totally inconsistent with her original story and contradicted by her own email and text message correspondence".

Cater says she tried to report the abuse and claims she contacted Cuomo's office six times about the alleged behavior but was ignored.

"The state launched 3 separate investigations into this matter, and any assertion to the contrary is patently and demonstrably false, and as such, we expect this matter to be summarily dismissed".

Hoyt resigned October 30 this year amid a state investigation.

The suit alleges Hoyt ignored Cater's pleas to be left alone and repeatedly threatened her job security. At the same time Mr. Hoyt was instructed to have no further interaction with the complainant and to cooperate fully with the investigation.

In February 2016, Hoyt texted a nude photo of himself to Cater, according to the lawsuit, asking her "Do you think I look tan?"

Hoyt has acknowledged he had a relationship with Cater and paid her a settlement, but denies harassing or assaulting her. Cater said she was later contacted by an attorney from the governor's office who offered her a bribe to stay quiet.

A former state economic development official who is the subject of two investigations over alleged sexual harassment of a state employee has been sued in federal court in Manhattan.

The state Joint Commission on Public Ethics is continuing its investigation of Hoyt, Cuomo's office said.

Cater had been out on short-term disability from her DMV job, she alleges, not just because of her hand injury but because of Hoyt's harassment. Then, on Saturday, Cater went public with her identity. "Cater regarding Ms. Cater's request for additional leave accruals resulting from from her cat biting her", David said, "which had been denied". "Cater", said attorney Terrance Connors.

In August 2016, after Cater complained to Hoyt about the impact his actions were having on her mental health, he allegedly grabbed her crotch "squeezing as hard as he could", and said "You know this is what I want!" according to the lawsuit.

Cater's lawsuit said she is seeking punitive damages and compensation for lost pay, but it did not specify an amount.

But "alone, depressed and without any recourse", Cater made a decision to speak out anyway and as a result, she contends, Hoyt resigned from his post.

Hoyt, who was appointed by Cuomo to a regional senior vice president post at Empire State Development in 2011, was barred from participating in the Assembly internship and student mentoring program in 2008 after engaging in a relationship with an intern for five years.