Trump wishes the media a happy Thanksgiving, tells them: 'You're fired'

Trump wishes the media a happy Thanksgiving, tells them: 'You're fired'

President Donald Trump is telling members of the military positioned across the globe that they're winning big under his watch.

Turning to the 74th Expeditionary Fighters Squadron based at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, Trump suggested the Obama administration hadn't allowed soldiers on the ground to do their jobs. So, if you wake up to angry Trump tweets this week, at least you know the source.

Trump and his wife, Melania, also made a trip to a nearby Coast Guard station in Riviera Beach, Florida, where they delivered a lunch of turkey sandwiches, giant muffins, heaping baskets of fruit, chips and cookies to men and women on duty for the holidays.

He says, "What a job you've done".

During his remarks, Trump, singled out the service for its hurricane relief efforts during Harvey and the other storms that battered the country earlier this year.

President Trump addressed troops from five different branches of the military in a special Thanksgiving video call on Thursday from his Mar a Lago resort.

He says everyone has been talking about the progress that has been made in Afghanistan in recent months.

It's undeniable that Trump's businesses have benefitted from the exposure - membership fees at Mar-a-Lago have more than doubled since Trump's inauguration, with the president spending almost 30 days at the Florida resort.

The forty-fifth president marked Thanksgiving by spending his one hundredth day at a Trump property since taking office in January.

Trump closed by joking with the troops that he would tell the media "You're fired!" - the line he made famous as a reality TV star - before wishing reporters a happy Thanksgiving. When you come back you're going to see with the jobs and companies coming back to our country, and the stock market just hit a record high, unemployment is the lowest it's been in 17 years, so you're fighting for something real, you're fighting for something good.

Last night on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert spoke about how Trump is celebrating today's holiday.

He's scheduled to thank members of the military via video conference later Thursday morning.