Instagram's Story Highlights feature lets you save Stories forever

Instagram's Story Highlights feature lets you save Stories forever

Instagram today announced two new features and both of them have to do with the Stories. Unlike traditional stories, highlights don't disappear after 24 hours, they only go away after you delete them.

Stories Highlights will appear in a horizontal carousel near the top of accounts' profile pages above the gallery of photos and videos shared to Instagram's main feed, and there is no limit on how many Stories Highlights can be displayed on an account's profile page.

And for good reason - part of the company's reasoning behind Stories in the first place (besides competing with Snapchat, that is) was that users were so exacting about what was on their profile that they weren't posting almost as often as Instagram wanted. It will reside just underneath an Instagram user's profile bio and it will allow for users to add several different Stories into one highlight.

The second feature that is coming to Stories is called Archive. "Highlights stay on your profile until you remove them, and you can have as many highlights as you'd like". To create a Stories Highlight, tap on the "New" circle on the far left, and choose any of the stories from your archives.

To access the stories in your archive, tap the Archive icon on your profile. However, users can add to new Stories from this old content as they see fit, which will make it public again. There you'll be able to toggle between archived images as well as archived stories. The most recent stories will be at the bottom of the new grid layout, and the first Story from each day will show a date indicator to help users navigate.

One of the biggest attractions of Instagram Stories has been the fact that the feature lets you capture any moment in time without making it a permanent thing.

The Archive is private, so only the user can view their own stuff while it's in there.