Fitbit Ionic Update Adds More Apps and Watch Faces

Fitbit Ionic Update Adds More Apps and Watch Faces

Following this update, the platform will offer more than 100 clock faces and 60 apps, Fitbit said. The inclusion of a third-party app store was one of the ways the company was looking to set the device apart from the rest of its products, and aside from a couple of high profile partners, there really wasn't much worth mentioning.

A lack of apps wasn't my biggest issue with the Fitbit Ionic - but it was up there.

New watch faces include one that uses DarkSky to offer a continuous weather forecast, a retro sunset face, and one called Nothing special, which provides the time, date, weather, battery life, and more.

Big names available immediately include Phillips Hue, Yelp, Flipboard, and The New York Times.

Partnership with Deezer, a personal streaming music service, to give Ionic users around the globe instant access to their favorite tunes right from their wrist (available in 2018). But now, Fitbit has announced its first major update to the Fitbit OS, promising to provide users with a "smarter, more personalized experience through an expanding collection of new apps and clock faces". But alas, for the last few months, many folks have lamented the rather limited functionality of the Fitbit as a result of its limited selection of apps.

At-a-glance access to your personal friend network with the new Fitbit Leaderboard app. See where you stack up against family, friends and coworkers as you motivate each other to reach your goals. The list of participating Fitbit Pay banks has expanded to 25 banks in 13 markets. "This is just the start - along with future enhancements to the Fitbit OS, we have an extremely engaged global developer community excited to continually bring even more unique offerings to our users".

Some of the new apps arrive at the height of the holiday gift buying season, so perhaps they'll make the Ionic a more tempting, Android compatible alternative to the Apple Watch. It released the gadget in October with only a few apps to its name - then proceeded to leave the brand new OS alone for nearly two months without a software update.

Fitbit has also designed three new watchfaces for the Ionic that are bundled with the new update: levels, threads, and mountainscape.