The connection between Lorenzen Wright and the alleged killer Billy Turner

The connection between Lorenzen Wright and the alleged killer Billy Turner

When the killing happened in 2010, Wright's body was found days after his death and his body was so decomposed it was unable to be determined how many times the man was shot, however, multiple casings were found from different caliber weapons.

The case received a boost on November 9 of this year when police in Mississippi found what they suspect to be the murder weapon in a lake about 75 miles southeast of Memphis in Walnut, Mississippi.

Wright played for the Memphis Grizzlies, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers, Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings over the course of 13 seasons in the National Basketball Association. He averaged 8 points per game and more than 6 rebounds per game during his career. Wright spent five seasons with the Grizzlies from 2001-06.

Wright was last seen alive on July 18, 2010 as he left his ex-wife's house. She later told police that she believed Wright was carrying a large amount of cash at the time of his disappearance.

Three sources said Turner worked at the Wright home and his mother was Wright's nanny. Wright, who played 13 years in the National Basketball Association, was a standout big man at Memphis. Though the call reportedly included sounds of apparent gunshots, the dispatcher did not send any emergency personnel and only let a supervisor know about the suspicious call days later. Soon after, police offered a $21,000 reward for information about the case.

Dispatchers said they didn't alert patrol officers or commanders because they couldn't confirm it came from their jurisdiction. That info was not given to the Memphis PD until several days later and authorities also failed to make a timely connection to the missing person report.

Wright's body was found in a field near some woods in the height of summer, complicating the investigation because evidence had likely deteriorated in the heat.