Apple TV will finally get Amazon Prime Video

Apple TV will finally get Amazon Prime Video

Neither Amazon or Apple have yet to make an official statement about the launch. v5.0 of the Amazon Prime Video app on iOS also brings Universal Search support for iOS search, and iPhone X support. You can download the Amazon Prime Video tvOS application from the Apple TV App Store on your box.

Amazon has released an app for its Prime Video service for Apple TV. Surprisingly, the app is available for the now-discontinued Apple TV 3 as well.

As we approach the new year, Apple has two promises left to fulfill: the iMac Pro and Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV. "We want our player, our Prime Video player, to be on the device, and we want it to be on the device with acceptable business terms", Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said at the Code Conference previous year. It works on Apple TV models from the 3rd generation and up. Amazon had explained the move by saying it wanted to avoid confusing customers who might expect its Prime Video service to be available on devices sold by Amazon.

When the unconfirmed third-quarter report came and went September 30th, there was much speculation online as to why it had been delayed with Apple and Amazon both refusing to comment.

The app and partnership was originally announced in June during Apple's annual developer conference. Alternatively, you can opt to subscribe just to Amazon Prime Video for £5.99 a month. "And they're going to return it".