WatchOS 4.2 adds Apple Pay Cash support for Apple Watch

WatchOS 4.2 adds Apple Pay Cash support for Apple Watch

This resulted in Apple releasing an update at a very unusual time, at a weekend, because so many people were facing Springboard crashes after the system clock ticked over to December 2.

To update to watchOS 4.2, Apple Watch users must ensure their devices have at least 50 percent charge before starting - it is also recommended to keep the device on charge while updating. The new software upgrade brings a number of changes, the most notable being support for Apple Pay Cash, a quick peer-to-peer payments system that is a direct competitor to Square Cash and Venmo. The feature allows users in the United States with an up-to-date iPhone to send money to other iPhone users through the company's Messages app.

Unveiled first at WWDC 2017 for launch with iOS 11, Apple Pay Cash was delayed in its release, and only became available with the iOS 11.2 that was released earlier this week. You can also use Siri to make and receive payments for contacts via Apple Pay Cash. They'll still receive the money and they'll get a shiny new Apple Pay Cash card when they accept the terms and conditions.

It's all pretty straightforward stuff, but let's just quickly break down the difference between Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash, for those who aren't quite sure.

According to 9to5mac reports, the iPhone X users claim that their device shows an alert that says it is "unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone" after iOS 11.2 update. The received amount will directly credit to the account that od paired with the Apple Pay.

The one hard requirement is that both sender and receiver should be on iOS 11.2 on their iPhone or iPad. This can be done by going to General Software update. So, the user can pair their already existing PayTm wallet account with Apple Pay to experience uninterrupted wireless payment experience.