Ryan Reynolds Will Play Detective Pikachu In New Movie

Ryan Reynolds Will Play Detective Pikachu In New Movie

Actor Ryan Reynolds has joined the cast of the new Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu.

The Internet's first choice for the role was the great Danny DeVito, because Frank from Always Sunny coming out of Pikachu's cute little face is a surprisingly good fit. In many of Reynolds' films, his dialogue extends well past one word, so this will prove a challenge. The screenplay will be penned by Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter Nicole Perlman. Are you excited for Pokemon in live action? It wasn't the best... Universal Pictures will be distributing the film in regions outside of Japan, where long-time Pokemon film collaborator Toho will handle distribution duties. Anything. So he's shifting gears away from his typically dirty fare and starring as Pikachu in the live-action Pokémon movie Detective Pikachu. Goosebumps' Rob Letterman will direct.

THR reported that Reynold's role will be motion capture inaction and the production company, Legendary, is eager to keep additional casting details and information about the project under wraps. He'll be voicing the yellow-electric-mouse Pokemon, fashioning a Sherlock Holmes-y sensibility to go along with the Detective Pikachu title. Newton will reportedly play a journalist while Reynolds' Pikachu will offer his help along the way.

The movie revolves around the kidnapping of Smith's character's father.

Detective Pikachu does not now have a release date. Let us know in the comments!