Intolerance again! Man hacked, burnt alive for 'Love Jihad' in Rajsamand

Intolerance again! Man hacked, burnt alive for 'Love Jihad' in Rajsamand

Afrazul was brutally killed in Rajasthan and a video of his killing was circulated on social media.

Inspector General Anand Srivastava of Udaipur Range has been camping in Rajsamand to keep an eye on the law and order situation.

Though police are yet to confirm the motive of the murder, the "love jihad" claim surfaced after Regar posted a video on social media justifying his action.

Several rights groups demanded on Thursday the resignation of Rajasthan chief minister and home minister for failing to prevent a series of hate crimes targeting Muslims, including the murder of a migrant labourer in the state's Rajsamand district.

The police also asked people in the nearby areas to identify the person. The incident was recorded on camera by the accused himself.

The incident is said to have occurred in Rajasthan's Rajsamand district. The half-burnt body of the victim was found near a hotel in Rajsamand on Wednesday.

The police have recovered the half-burnt body from the spot along with the axe used in murder and a scooter. The video is too fearful to be shown.In the video, the culprit kills the man with an agricultural equipment, then pours kerosene on his body and sets it aflame.

Shambhu Lal had allegedly brought the man to a secluded place on the pretext of providing him work. The accused was also seen next to the burning body making threats on "love jihad".

There was another video of Raigar, in which he admitted to committing the crime and mentioned that he will surrender. The man seen as the attacker in the video has been identified as Shambhulal Regar. Regar was seen saying that those who indulge in "love jihad" would meet the same fate, said Times Now report.

"I appeal to all the women of our country not to fall prey to the trap set by Muslim men who in the name of love jihad will exploit you and eventually abandon you".