Rock Hill prayer vigil Thursday for DACA immigrant children 'Dreamers'

Rock Hill prayer vigil Thursday for DACA immigrant children 'Dreamers'

The announcement is ending a five-year-old program that has allowed hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to the minors to stay in the only country they've ever known.

There are an estimated 212,000 DACA recipients in California, including "about 20,000 in Sacramento County and 50,000 in the region", said Dugan, whose chamber includes more than 1,600 members, many of whom employ "Dreamers".

Rallies are taking place across the country to protect 'dreamers, ' undocumented immigrants who came to the children. Each day Congress fails to take action an additional 122 people lose their status every day.

Democrats and some Republicans have called for approving a solution for those in limbo sooner rather than later, with Tuesday's letter from Republicans stating that "not acting is creating uncertainty and anxiety amongst immigrant communities".

HRC continues to stand with more than 800,000 of our neighbors, friends, and family members whose livelihoods are being threatened by the Trump-Pence administration's open assault on Dreamers and immigrants.

Even months ahead of the program's termination deadline, some DACA recipients have already lost their protections.

The latest effort to pass pro-American immigration reforms - such as halving legal immigration down to 500,000 immigrants a year by ending the process of "chain migration" where new immigrants being allowed to bring their foreign relatives to the USA - is coupled with an amnesty for DACA illegal aliens.

The letter - signed by Nelsen, Sacramento Metro Chamber Vice President Robert Dugan, Sacramento Hispanic Chamber President Cathy Rodriguez, California Restaurant Association Senior Vice President Matthew Sutton and several Sac State "Dreamers" - cited a recent Fox News poll that found 86 percent of Americans, and 76 percent of Republicans, support giving "Dreamers" a permanent pathway to citizenship.

"It is imperative that Republicans and Democrats come together to solve this problem now and not wait until next year", the letter said.

While DACA allowed young illegal immigrants to go to school and work in the US, it did not grant them the status they desperately needed. Her parents gave up careers in Mexico and now work at menial, low-wage jobs, she said. "I dreamed of becoming a pilot and didn't learn I was undocumented until the recruiter told me because of my status I wasn't eligible". "We can do this if we quit grandstanding and quit engaging in these sorts of stunts, and I hope we will." .

"Now is our time in Congress to lead with justice, mercy, and compassion for DACA recipients", said Taylor.