Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event is going to be wonderfully weird

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event is going to be wonderfully weird

As happened past year, the winter holiday event, Overwatch Winter Wonderland will also take place this month, bringing a new PvE mode, new skins, and cosmetics for all Overwatch Heroes. There will be plenty of new skins too, and Kaplan specifically hints at skins for Hanzo, Junkrat, and Roadhog.

As usual, the event will offer a number of seasonally appropriate legendary skins, although Blizzard isn't revealing them just yet. In addition, there is the Mei snowball fight mode as well.

A new brawl will also be added, called Mei's Yeti Hunt. "I was absolutely blown away when I saw the work that they had done and we really hope that you enjoy that". It will still be playable in Antarctica as well.

Speaking of Mei, Blizzard is planning a new event around the snowy scientist.

Winter Wonderland's newest mode unfolds across Overwatch's Nepal Village map and pits five Meis against one yeti-themed Winston, all controlled by different players. Winston's goal is to pick up power-up drops and gain more power until they can activate their Primal Rage ability.

Aside from cosmetics, Mei's Snowball Offensive will also return from previous year, which pits two teams of Meis against each other in a snowball fight-style conflict. It sounds like a chaotic mode and it will be interesting to see what tricks the Yeti can pull to give himself an advantage against the pack of Meis hunting him down. The game ends with either the Mei's escaping, Winston dying or enough Mei's perishing. Anyone who's played a 6 vs. 1 game like Evolve will be familiar with the concept.