Starbucks Launches New Christmas Tree Frappuccino For The Holiday Season

Starbucks Launches New Christmas Tree Frappuccino For The Holiday Season

Glad you asked. It's a peppermint mocha creme frappuccino topped with a matcha whipped cream tree that is decorated with caramel garland and cranberry ornaments. The super-sweet Unicorn Frapp met with mixed reviews from customers in April; many you believed the drink was a sugary mess.

The Christmas Tree Frappuccino is available in stores across the USA and Canada for a limited time. Still, it's worth pointing out that the nutritional information for the Christmas Tree Frappuccino is eye-opening. A strawberry sits atop as the tree-topper, finishing off the most Instagrammable beverage of the holiday season. So head on down to Starbucks and drive your local barista nuts. It's available now through December 11. "I stopped on the way to work to get the Christmas tree frappuchino [sic] I don't even like Starbucks", wrote one Twitter user.

In April, Starbucks had a whirlwind success with the Unicorn Frappuccino, a sweet, color-changing drink that quickly went viral on Instagram. Sign us up! See what other people are saying about the drink, below!

It may not have the caffeine fix you're looking for but it'll definitely give you an extra rush of sugar during the holidays.

The Christmas Tree Frappuccino will cost you about $5 for a grande and set you back 420 calories.

Christmas tree Frapp! It's minty? It actually sounds pretty tasty and looks fun. All you can do at that point is drink it and what's the point of that?