Kate McKinnon Just Casually Dropped Her PERFECT Gal Gadot Impression

Now she's added another to the list - Israeli actress Gal Gadot.

McKinnon, star of the upcoming computer-animated comedy Ferdinand, also showcased her voice acting skills - particularly her expertise with assorted exertion sounds.

In the clip, McKinnon opens up about what it was like to have Gadot on SNL and reveals that she and Aidy Bryant spent a lot of time with the Wonder Woman star on set. "I'm kidding! Oh my gosh-she really made an impact down at SNL".

Gadot said she was proud to bestow the award.

Gadot, who also works as a model, made a different impression at the SNL cast dinner before her hosting turn. "Similar to many other great young women in this program, her education is hanging by a thread". "Do you have a hobby, Kate?' I was like, 'I watch Dateline!'".

When she got up onstage to accept the award, Carla's first words were, "I knew something was up!"

"Everything she said was magic". "We usually just talk about what movies we've seen and what TV we've seen", McKinnon explained, "but she just sat down... and she was like, 'I want everyone to go around the table and say something they've never told anyone'".

In a sketch spoofing "Wonder Woman", Gadot locked lips with McKinnon when the later, playing a lesbian, arrived in Themyscira, the mythical island only inhabited by handsome women, where the superheroine hails from.