DC FILMS Staff Shake-Up Following JUSTICE LEAGUE Performance

DC FILMS Staff Shake-Up Following JUSTICE LEAGUE Performance

Berg had creative direction over the DC properties along with chief creative officer Geoff Johns, whose role on the comic book films may evolve and become more advisory in nature going forward, according to a bombshell report from Variety. Apparently Berg approached the studio six months ago about the idea, stating he always ultimately wanted to just be a producer at the studio, not overseeing an entire division.

Berg is said to be segueing into a role as producer for Warner Bros., working alongside The Lego Movie and It producer Roy Lee. As a result, Warner Bros.is changing things up at the executive level and considering a few other changes to help get the DCEU on track. Although it should be pointed out that Batman v Superman hit theaters mere weeks before Justice League began filming, so it's not like Warner Bros.re-hired Snyder after all the BvS backlash erupted-he was already deep into Justice League at that time.

Meanwhile, as for the DC films themselves, it's safe to say we'll see Ben Affleck playing Batman at least once more in the planned Flashpoint movie, but Variety confirms the Internet scuttlebutt that Matt Reeves is looking to recast the role for his upcoming standalone film.

Berg, who ran point on DC movies and was credited as a producer on "Justice League", has been an executive at the studio for about a decade. To this day, Justice League's domestic haul is still behind the opening weekend of Marvel's The Avengers.

Time Warner is also said to be unhappy with those that made the decision to keep Zack Snyder on following Batman vs. Superman, and they are upset that each DCEU movie has made less money than the one that preceeded it, except for Wonder Woman.

One of the criticisms levied against Justice League was that the film felt incomplete, or that too much was obviously cut from the finished product after Joss Whedon took over the director's chair from Zack Snyder.

The execs are said to be happy with how Justice League introduced both Ezra Miller's The Flash and Jason Momoa's Aquaman.