A 146-inch television will soon be available for purchase

A 146-inch television will soon be available for purchase

As we mentioned previously, the Wall by Samsung measures 146-inches and comes with a self-emitting panel which uses MicroLED technology to produce pictures. "We're excited about this next step along our roadmap to the future of screen technology, and the remarkable viewing experience it offers to consumers", said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the South Korean company showed off this behemoth television, and explained why it will soon leave any other competitor in the dust.

Antonio Villas-Boas  Business Insider
Antonio Villas-Boas Business Insider

Ranking in at a world's first 88 inches television. It can transform into any size and delivers incredible brightness, color gamut, color volume and black levels. At least based on how Samsung described The Wall, you (or an installer) could very well be able to change the size of your set on the fly. Like OLED, micro LED tech creates light and color right inside a TV's pixels themselves and thus doesn't require any sort of large, bulky LED backlight arrays. This results in a high contrast footage that is better than the traditional LCD screens. While LG showed their OLED display that bends, which isn't anything new really albeit bigger and better, Samsung made a decision to focus on size.

Micro-LED screens are hard to manufacture because the LEDs need to be individually placed onto a layer by machines, explained analyst Paul Gray at IHS Technology. With Cinema Screen Samsung claims a brightness of about 500 nits, half that of its standard HDR TVs and lower than OLED. They said at the CES that it was to "highlight the capabilities inherent in MicroLED technology." . Speaking of range, it will most probably be out of our range as it will be heavily priced.