Cindy Crawford Returns to the Super Bowl for Pepsi

Cindy Crawford Returns to the Super Bowl for Pepsi

Cindy Crawford's 1992 Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi is iconic.

The 51-year-old supermodel, who starred in an iconic ad for the brand during Super Bowl XXVI in 1992, will appear with Presley in a new spot for Super Bowl LII. "To this day, people come up to me to talk about how much they loved my original Pepsi spot from '92", the supermodel said in a statement. "They've spent a long time creating all of these memorable moments and that's exciting for me too because I really do consider myself part of the Pepsi family".

The ad, titled This Is The Pepsi, is part of the company's Pepsi Generation campaign, celebrating the brand's 120-year history in pop culture, and will air during the Super Bowl 52 telecast on 4 February (18).

This image released by Pepsi shows actress-model Cindy Crawford in a scene from her 1992 iconic Super Bowl Pepsi commercial.

Plus! In keeping with their return to their retro roots, the brand is bringing back its original can design from the era.

The campaign kicks off in February with the debut of an in-game advertisement during Super Bowl LII and the Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show, as well as a Pepsi Generations Live pop-up that will be at key cultural moments across the U.S. throughout the year, starting with the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. In an effort to distance itself from 2017, it looks like Pepsi has traveled very far back in time, indeed.

The Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show is headlined by superstar Justin Timberlake.

It's not the first time Pepsi has revisited the Crawford spot.

The "Pepsi Generations" campaign also will include nostalgic pop-up exhibitions throughout the US meant to celebrate the brand's (less controversial) "pop-culture milestones in Pepsi history". Last year, Pepsi was benched in favor of LIFEWTR for the Super Bowl spot as consumers turned to healthier beverages. It will also begin to promote the brand's decision to include retro packaging on all products, starting January 29. Pepsi Generations Live pop-up exhibits will guide fans through the evolution of how Pepsi's history has connected with people over generations.

"It's me being sexy and getting out of a auto, but with these little boys kind of looking", she said, explaining the Super Bowl spot.

Pepsi Stuff, the US loyalty program first released in 1996, is making a comeback.