Huawei is victim of United States 'trust deficit'

Huawei is victim of United States 'trust deficit'

On the other hand, as the supposed Huawei-AT&T deal did not push through, customers in the United States can still get an unlocked Mate 10 Pro through other retailers like Amazon and Best Buy for $799, and pre-orders will be accepted starting on Sunday, Feb. 4.

At the heart of the legal issue is Huawei's claim that Samsung has infringed upon its intellectual property, and while the California case continues, the Chinese one has been partially successful for Huawei.

Yu said his company's smartphone, the Mate 10 Pro, will still be coming to the U.S., but only as an unlocked device sold through retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon.

But plans of a business deal evaporated this week after concerns about security and ties to the Chinese government, according to reports by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Huawei had also instigated legal action in Beijing, though the results of that is unclear.

Huawei is the fourth-biggest smartphone maker globally because of its massive popularity in Asia, according to IDC. "Huawei has treated us better than anybody".

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that AT&T was pressured to back away from the Huawei deal by members of the U.S. Senate and House intelligence committees who cited concerns about Huawei's alleged role in Chinese espionage efforts.

These sorts of titles are often little more than ceremonial, of course, and Gadot's involvement with the company could ultimately amount to simply appearing in ads and posting her Huawei-related experiences on social media.

While Huawei has been selling unlocked units of their flagships through online stores in the US, they are yet to carry out sales through major carriers like AT&T - which remains to be a popular choice among Americans when purchasing new handsets.

The Huawei's CEO of the Consumer unit, Richard Yu, told a broad audience at the CES Technology Fair in Las Vegas that the deal with a U.S. operator "unfortunately" has not been achieved.

Chinese companies are making a big statement at the world's largest consumer electronics show, CES - But there's also some controversy.

"This makes it very hard for Huawei to get significant in the the open channels account for only about 10-11 percent of the market", said Canalys analyst Mo Jia, referring to sales channels outside telecom carriers and vendors' own stores. However, partners that do resell mobile devices could still access Huawei products without going through the carriers, the executive said.