Tua Tagovailoa Praises & Defends Jalen Hurts

Tua Tagovailoa Praises & Defends Jalen Hurts

"I think that we haven't really made a decision about that, and it's not imperative we make one right now".

I believe the easiest way to lose in ministry is to quit leading your ministry, rest on your laurels, do what you've always done, hope for the best.

With all due respect to the houndstooth-hat legend, Paul "Bear" Bryant, and the six national titles he won roaming the Alabama sideline, Saban has surpassed them all for the No. 1 mantle. The heavy eyelids were easy to spot.

This week on the Dan Patrick show, Kiffin confidently claimed that Tagovailoa would've transferred from Alabama if he wouldn't have gotten a chance to play in the second half Monday.

"Everybody realizes the sacrifices and the adversity that you had to overcome to do it and the hard work you put in to do it", Saban said.

"... Isn't there 'Sleepless in Seattle?'" Saban said. Probably have several that should and probably have several that shouldn't, from a business perspective. "I just think that, for his time, he impacted the game and had more success than anybody ever could".

Minkah Fitzpatrick was not one of those people.

As per usual, Saban wasn't in the mood to discuss his place in history. "Whenever Tua makes a play, Jalen is the first to congratulate him and pass on advice and the vibe is shared on the other end".

Why am I repeating and rehearsing Monday night's game?

Saban previously served as the coach of the Miami Dolphins going 15-17 over two seasons
Saban previously served as the coach of the Miami Dolphins going 15-17 over two seasons

Trailing 13-0 at halftime, Saban turned to Tagovailoa.

Fromm threw for 232 yards, and for a while it looked as if he was going to be the freshman star for the game, the first true freshman to lead his team to a national title season since Jamelle Holieway for Oklahoma in 1985. "I'm happy for him, and I'm happy for this team".

"We've had this in our mind that, if we were struggling offensively, that we would give Tua an opportunity, even in the last game", Saban said.

Alabama's second-half comeback was epic to say the least.

Oddsmakers in Las Vegas expect Alabama to be on top of the college football world again next season, favoring the Crimson Tide over CFP runner-up Georgia. Of course, that means there will undoubtedly be a quarterback competition (or controversy depending on your viewpoint) going into next season. After a Tide field goal, the Bulldogs scored two straight touchdowns to go ahead 24-17 early in the fourth quarter. They combined for 318 yards, highlighted by Johnson's late 63-yard throw to Jacquez Green an an audibled curl-and-go. "But I'm so relieved and so excited for everyone in the locker room that we got the win". "That is a play Tua has been very, very comfortable with". And in the risk to lead, Saban proved he had overwhelming and awesome potential to win. But he did pause for reflection, basking in the rare morning afterglow he rarely allows the public to see.

"Relieved. Just excited, man", Pappanastos told reporters after.

"This has been a wonderful experience for us", he said.

"Sometimes I forget that OR has interest in me". Just the ending itself.

"Well, I don't know that you can balance, Saban said".