Jennifer Lopez Is Returning To 'Will & Grace' In 2 Roles

Jennifer Lopez Is Returning To 'Will & Grace' In 2 Roles

Until her demise in the show Rosario played maid to Karen (Megan Mullally).

Just hours after it's revealed that Jennifer Lopez is returning to the revival of "Will & Grace", the 48-year-old takes to her Instagram account to share the first look at her grand return. Harlee Santos. No additional details have been released about this weird crossover, but we're holding out for a Parent Trap or Big Business moment between the two characters.

Jennifer Lopez will return to the new series of the show - and you're going to get double the JLo, as she's taking on two different roles in the series. Jennifer performed her hit "Waiting for Tonight" at Karen and Lyle's wedding, with Jack (Hayes) serving as her back-up dancer.

The guest spot showcased Lopez's comedic timing and her ease with self-deprivation.

While not much information has been released yet, NBC announced in a press release Wednesday (Jan. 10) that the singer will play both herself and her Shades of Blue character Detective Harlee Santos. It is interesting to think though that her Santos character might suddenly start arresting people for not wearing the Glow fragrance Lopez demanded them to wear.

Will & Grace's 16-episode comeback season premiered in September, and became NBC's most-watched comedy in 12 years, with 15.8 million viewers tuning in.