Actress Sorvino doesn't want Me Too movement to lose focus

Actress Sorvino doesn't want Me Too movement to lose focus

The actress took to Instagram on Friday (12Jan18) to explain she now regrets signing on to star in A Rainy Day in New York and admits she feels awful about agreeing to work with Woody after his estranged daughter accused him of molesting her. Hall also reveals she was shooting A Rainy Day in New York the day after The New York Times' Harvey Weinstein expose was published - the newspaper article detailed decades of alleged sexual misconduct and assault. In an interview with The New York Times, she said she regretted acting in one of his films and would never work for him again.

In the op-ed, Farrow once again shared the troubling details about an alleged encounter with Allen dating back to when she was 7-years-old.

Last year, Sorvino was one of the many women in Hollywood who spoke to Ronan Farrow about her experiences with Harvey Weinstein.

Hall, daughter of director Peter Hall, founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company, said she was filming Allen's new film, A Rainy Day in NY, when the news about sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein broke previous year.

"That is not something that sits easily with me in the current or indeed any moment, and I am profoundly sorry", she continued. (Weinstein denied the claims.) Her blacklisting allegations have been supported by directors like Peter Jackson and Terry Zwigoff; representatives for Weinstein released statements denying the claims from both directors. We were friendly though not close, but in no way did he ever overstep his bounds with me; I never personally experienced what has now been described as inappropriate behavior toward young girls. Farrow opened up the allegations again in a February 2014 open letter in the New York Times. To decide, although they may be fantastically talented and helped you enormously, that you believe they have done things for which there can be no excuse. But his costar Rebecca Hall just made a flawless statement - by putting her money where her mouth is! "From the bottom of my heart, thank you", Farrow tweeted.

On never working with Allen again: "We are in a day and age when everything must be re-examined".

Sorvino concluded her letter with an apology to Dylan Farrow and her mother, Mia Farrow.

Greta, 34, was asked by the New York Times about the issues of whether artists accused of sexual misconduct - naming Kevin Spacey, Roman Polanski and Woody Allen - should be allowed to continue to work in Hollywood. "If this means tearing down all the old gods, so be it", Sorvino wrote to Farrow. You are a true hero, and I stand with you. "I believe you!" Farrow wrote to Dylan.

While the actress has credited Allen for one of her first major roles, Hall apologized for working with the director and said, "I regret this decision and wouldn't make the same one today". Your courage has been boundless and your activism an example for us all.