Pakistan apprises United States to address concerns for moving forward: FO

Pakistan apprises United States to address concerns for moving forward: FO

According to Dawn, this was conveyed to Islamabad by Centcom Commander Gen Joseph Votel in a telephonic conversation to Pakistan's army chief Gen Qamar Bajwa last week.

US and Pakistani officials say neither has happened, and in conversations over the last week the two sides have tried to move past Trump's incendiary rhetoric.

The Pakistani assertion that Votel said no unilateral action inside Pakistan was being considered may have referred to the possibility of cross-border U.S. drone strikes and other military missions targeting Taliban and other militant figures outside the border area. COAS said that Pakistan shall continue its honest counter terrorism efforts even without USA financial support in accordance with our national interest and shall remain committed to bring it to its logical conclusion along with other stake holders.

"The not contemplating any unilateral action inside Pakistan, but is seeking cooperation to tackle Afghan nationals, who, in the U.S.'s view, use Pakistan's soil against Afghanistan", the spokesman quoted Votel as telling Bajwa.

Foreign Office spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal had a day earlier informed journalists at his weekly media briefing that Pakistan and the U.S. were communicating "with each other on various issues of mutual interest at different levels". COAS said that entire Pakistani nation felt betrayed over USA recent statements despite decades of cooperation. The ISPR statement on the conversations that Gen Bajwa had with Gen Votel and the USA senator was, therefore, aimed at quelling the rumours.

Bajwa assured Votel that Pakistan would continue to follow through with its counter-terrorism plans without U.S. financial support, according to AP. The committee at the time said that the US was scapegoating Pakistan for its own failure to bring peace to Afghanistan after 16 years of war.

Ghafoor said the army chief told the USA general the entire Pakistani nation "felt betrayed over US recent statements despite decades of cooperation".

Bajwa made the comments to Votel earlier this week during a phone call, a spokesman for Pakistan's military said in a statement on Friday. "We value mutual understanding of interests and concerns that we need to consider that might lead to a positive path forward", Thomas told AFP.

Tensions between Pakistan and the U.S. have escalated US' complaints that Pakistan is giving shelter to terrorists that target American troops in Afghanistan.

Pakistan, General Bajwa maintained, is also strengthening border controls unilaterally but if Afghanistan genuinely feels affected from Pakistan, bilateral border management must be Kabul's top priority as well.

Abbasi has declared himself mystified by USA threats to cut off funding, saying emphatically that the Washington assistance is very, very insignificant and Pakistan is on the forefront of the war on terror.

"[The army chief] reiterated that Pakistan will not seek resumption of [U.S.] aid but expects honorable recognition of our contributions, sacrifices and unwavering resolve in the fight against terrorism for peace and stability in the region".